The Dapper Designed story began in 2019, we were frustrated by the lack of quality, honest iPhone cases on the market and decided that if we couldn’t find the products we wanted to buy, (Outside of spending up for an Apple Case) we would make them ourselves. Our mission was simple: create unique phone cases for everyday life, made from high-quality materials in eye-catching designs.

Case Quality

Each phone case is produced at our factory in Wisconsin, here in the United States. Then it's shipped directly to our customers from one of our distribution hubs.

We use a Poly-Carbonate plastic and mold it into a strong exterior shell. Then we use lasers to cut a rubber TCU insert to provide extra shock protection and a snug fit to your iPhone. Each plastic shell is dipped in a sublimation printer for a scratch free perfect design.

Yes! Each case has two layers for extra durability and protection. The interior liner cushions your phone while the tough shell protects it from damage. We print our patterns with sublimation printing, it doesn't clip or wear off. We haven't had a phone break in 3 years... Don't ruin it for it!


On your iPhone, go to Settings -> Click General -> Click About -> Model Name will tell you what type of case you need!

Please Contact our Service Team at Dapper Designed if you have any questions! 


We print the designs when you place your order, so it adds about 2 days to our process. Standard Shipping is 3-5 days. With our printing process, it usually takes 4-7 days to get your case.


We want you to be happy. We're going to take it back if you aren't.