The Best iPhone Cases in 2022

We know this might come off a bit biased, considering we love our own cases and designs, but we wanted to provide a list of who we consider to be other top-tier cases! We know that we're not going to be the perfect case for everyone and wanted to help provide a list! 

In a case that's very close to ours, the Otterbox Symmetry comes up. Same size and weight. Otterbox is a bit expensive as you're paying for their brand and protection guarantees, (Waterproof isn't as helpful anymore). These cases are anywhere from $49-$65

HeyDay is another comparable case. Heyday is a little cheaper when you buy it online from Target, coming in around $19.99, but if you go in store it's $49.99 somehow! 

 Casely has some great designs. We would say our cases are higher quality and offer more protection for your iPhone, but if you're looking for a big bank of designs, Casley has you covered!  

One of our personal favorites, Apple. They definitely make high quality products you can trust, but at what cost?! High cost. Around $49.